Our goats are a rangeland composite that have been developed over ten years to suit the environment in which we operate. They are hardy, fast growing and well-muscled. They can efficiently convert the rangeland biomass on offer, tolerate bore water and cover the distances inherent with rangeland grazing.

As our goats are all station bred and regularly handled, they are easy to muster and easy to manage in the yards. They don’t pressure fences and are not at all flighty. We use low stress stock handling techniques which keep everybody calm and relaxed, goats and humans alike.

The main genetic influences in our herd are:

  • Boer (heavy set, fast growing, well-muscled)
  • Red Khalari (size and structure)
  • Australian Cashmere (fertility and fecundity)
  • Selected wild bush goats (hardiness, resistance to predation)


billie weaners