Mt Hope Station is a large-scale producer of goats in the NSW Western Division. Every member of the Mt Hope family are not just participants but the heart and soul of the operation, from station management to local community support.

Set against the rugged backdrop of the NSW Western Division, our operations are woven deeply into the local economy. We are committed to the growth of our neighbours, buying and employing locally, and supporting community initiatives. Our passion for Australian agriculture, rural communities, and the creation of high-quality commodities in the rangelands is woven into every strand of our business.

Our mission is to continually generate high-quality station-bred rangeland composite goats. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, ensuring our operations are not only sustainable in the long run, but also aligned with our broader commitment to environmental stewardship.

In the spirit of our mission, we operate under a philosophy of three fundamental principles. Safety – for our people, our goats, and the surrounding environment – is paramount. Sustainability is our second pillar; every action we undertake is evaluated for its long-term environmental and economic impacts. Lastly, we ask, is it smart? This lens ensures our decisions are efficient and commercially viable, supporting the ongoing health of our operations and the broader agricultural sector.

We continually innovate to marry our business with nature, striving for a balance between profitability and conservation. Through these efforts, Mt Hope Station is more than just a large-scale producer; we’re a conscientious caretaker of our rangelands, a beacon of sustainable farming, and a stalwart supporter of our local communities.